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GovDataHosting Sponsors CMS Industry Day

On December 8th, GovDataHosting sponsored the 2021 CMS Industry Day, Embracing Change: Adapting for the Future.  This virtual event included a great line up of inspiring speakers who are leaders in innovative technologies.  A few highlights included discussions on how technology is driving change in the health care industry, including the roadmap for Medicaid and C

How to Host for HIPAA: Protecting Health Information in the Cloud

Accessing medical records on-demand, whether a patient is with their primary care provider or walking into a clinic on the opposite coast, is critical to making fully-informed, time-sensitive decisions related to an individual’s health. Insurance providers, health care plans, clearinghouses, and pharmacies similarly rely on up-to-date patient records.

9 Best Practices for Cloud Security Compliance

As cloud adoption continues to accelerate across the Federal government, and new technologies and applications enable ever more seamless collaboration, more sophisticated and advanced security threats have risen as well. Hackers, malware, ransomware – these threats show no signs of abating.

Go Beyond the Help Desk with Total Application and Database Support

As the Federal government races toward cloud adoption and the acquisition of new technologies to facilitate digital agility, a plain truth has been laid bare: with the reliance on ever more software, systems, and data to advance the mission comes a greater need for efficient and reliable application support.

The Importance of Managing Cyber Risk for Government Data

With the explosive growth of the internet over the last three decades, the public and private sectors have inextricably woven our economy and society into the digital sphere. While this has facilitated incredible innovation, collaboration, and productivity, it has also created new opportunities for personal or sensitive data to be misappropriated and misused. How does the U.S.

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