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Specialized Government Support

Who We Serve

GovDataHosting provides fully managed cloud services and FedRAMP certified expertise to a number of diverse markets, in which the end users are government agencies related to industries from health to defense, and beyond.

  • Defense (DoD)
  • Federal Law Enforcement (DoJ, DHS)
  • Civilian Government Agencies (HUD, DoC, DOI, DoE, USDA, Transportation, Education, DoL, State, VA, Treasury,  other independent agencies)
  • Government Health IT Agencies (DHHS)
  • State and Local Governments
  • Universities/Non-Profit Organizations
  • Government Contractors
Who We Serve
FISMA Compliant, FedRamp Certfied

FISMA Compliant, FedRamp Certified

GovDataHosting cloud maintains an active portfolio of FISMA compliant federal customers, and our extensive experience garnered from multiple past performances provides new customers with a reassurance that their systems will be implemented on time, within budget, and with little to no risk whatsoever.

Looking for HIPAA Cloud Compliant Hosting?

Imagine this scenario.

The National Institute of Health has completed extensive research on a genome and placed it in the capable hands of a talented doctor who will use it to improve countless lives.

There’s simply one caveat. For security purposes, the doctor requires HIPAA cloud compliant hosting to utilize this critical information.

A bleak diagnosis?

Not if GovDataHosting is involved.

Unlike larger firms, finding solutions for a federal, state, or local agency’s cloud hosting needs is our only mission.

And unlike the hypothetical cells mentioned in the example above – our attention to our clients’ needs will never be divided.

GovDataHosting is one of the only government cloud service providers to offer HIPAA cloud compliant hosting solutions exclusively for government customers.

Here's What Customers Say

Here's What Customers Say

Read our testimonials to hear what our customers have to say about their experience with GovDataHosting, and then contact GovDataHosting to discover how you can take advantage of our extensive and comprehensive cloud hosting services.

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