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Data Centers

Your Dedicated FISMA Compliant Data Center

GovDataHosting caters to federal, state, and local government agencies utilizing industry best practices, and featuring:

  • Multiple redundant bandwidth providers
  • Precision environmental controls
  • Conditioned redundant power supplies
  • Communications security
  • Management, Technical and Operational controls
Your Dedicated FISMA Compliant Data Center
How We Work

How We Work

Utilizing fault tolerant cloud hypervisor and network devices, GovDataHosting provides structured, sophisticated, and customizable cloud network capabilities that are dedicated to serving high-volume traffic while providing 100% uptime performance.

How We Protect

How We Protect

With GovDataHosting, all FISMA compliant data center components – from bandwidth utilization to connectivity issues – are continuously monitored, and customer service personnel are immediately alerted in the event of a service failure.

How We Serve

GovDataHosting offers the nation’s only 100% infrastructure availability Service Level Agreement (SLA), guaranteeing absolute simplicity and results.

  • 100% Facility Infrastructure Guarantee
  • 100% Network and Server Infrastructure Guarantee
  • 100% Security Compliance Guarantee
100% Guarantee

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