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IT Managed Services Provider for Government

IT Managed Services Provider

We Do It All

We’ll let you in on a little secret: Government cloud hosting constitutes only a fraction of the services we provide. Our management and support of those services is our true claim to fame.

In short, we are the IT managed service provider you’ve been looking for. GovDataHosting offers the industry’s only 100% infrastructure availability SLA, reduced deployment times, faster cloud resource provisioning, superior support, and complete alignment of IT functions with your unique goals.

Comprehensive, Custom Managed Services

Security Compliance

Security Compliance

Our FedRAMP certified and audited infrastructure, paired with our experienced personnel, handles 98% of all required compliance work, allowing our customers to focus almost exclusively on managing the applications hosted with us.

Application & Database Support

Application & Database Support

GovDataHosting provides comprehensive database, middleware, and commercial off-the-shelf software support for Microsoft, Red Hat, Oracle, Drupal and more, in addition to offering custom application support options to meet unique mission requirements.

All-Inclusive Disaster Recovery

All-Inclusive Disaster Recovery

Stuff happens. Fortunately, our cost-effective and customizable protocols can keep your mission-critical systems online and up-to-speed in the face of unplanned interruptions.

As an IT managed service provider, GovDataHosting helps our customers adhere to their budget, strategize, and succeed on all fronts.

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