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Building on a decade of FISMA-compliant virtual hosting solutions, GovDataHosting’s FISMA Private Cloud system is dedicated to supporting government defense and civilian agency information systems requiring FedRAMP Low, Moderate, or High risk levels of protection. It’s a smart choice for any system that demands impeccable performance and availability. We’ve outlined seven reasons why you should choose FISMA Private Cloud to support a highly intensive or sensitive data cloud workload.

  1. Experience a fully-managed private cloud system infrastructure.

Our FISMA Private Cloud offering is based on a fully-managed cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model. Customers maintain full control over their hosted applications, while GovDataHosting PMI-certified private cloud support personnel administer the underlying cloud and security infrastructure, the hypervisor, and the operating system. This eliminates many government security compliance implementation mistakes.

  1. Gain efficiency when hosting a sensitive government system in a cloud.

To comply with demanding government Assessment and Authorization (A&A) process requirements, our FISMA Private Cloud is fully compliant with infrastructure-related technical, operational, and management controls referenced in NIST Special Publication 800-53 Revision 4, as well as additional FedRAMP and agency-specific enhanced guidance (like DoD RMF and HIPAA). Our approach results in lower private cloud system implementation risk, an expedited path to obtaining an ATO, an enhanced system operational state, and increased customer satisfaction.

  1. Build on the most advanced equipment and technology.

The FISMA Private Cloud platform leverages enterprise network and server hardware as the foundation of the cloud physical layer infrastructure. Disk infrastructure is provided by an enterprise storage platform equipped with software- and hardware-based FIPS 140-2 certified encryption, providing secure and compliant private cloud system storage for all government data. Our cloud offers a variety of DISA STIG-hardened virtual server operating system images for accelerated compliance with requisite NIST and agency-specific standards.

  1. Support all integrations and enterprise applications.

To augment our customers' internal resources, GovDataHosting has trained and certified personnel providing comprehensive application support services in support of Microsoft, Oracle, Red Hat, Apache, and other leading industry vendors, as well as customized ad-hoc services to meet specific customer technical requirements.

  1. Protect data and systems categorized as FedRAMP Low, Moderate, or High Impact.

GovDataHosting offers government information assurance for systems categorized as low, moderate, and high risk to ensure the proper level of information security is in place, dependent on the type of data to be stored, processed, or transmitted and the risk to the overall mission if that data is compromised. From services and products that are intended for public use and generally considered to be low risk, to the nation’s most sensitive, unclassified information, we are fully dedicated and capable of securing government data in the cloud.

  1. Enjoy peace of mind available only to government customers.

Because FISMA Private Cloud is a government data-specific cloud solution, our private cloud hosting service is only available to U.S. government agencies and government contractors hosting federal agency data in the cloud. Customers receive specialized services and support customized for unique infrastructure and security needs.

  1. Leverage U.S.-based data centers and U.S. citizen support.

Our services and infrastructure are exclusively managed in U.S. locations by vetted and trusted individuals. All FISMA Private Cloud datacenters (cloud zones) are located within the continental United States and are supported by trained U.S. citizen personnel with a positively-adjudicated criminal background investigation and signed non-disclosure agreements upon hire.

Let’s streamline your cloud workload.

With rapid elasticity to scale and immense flexibility in accommodating allocated budget and mission requirements, GovDataHosting is one of the top providers of FISMA Private Cloud hosting for government systems and data. Is it right for your agency or program? Contact us today to discuss your unique cloud hosting solution requirements. We pride ourselves in 100% customer service satisfaction – and we are ready to help.

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