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12 Benefits of Cloud Computing

If you’re competing in today’s business landscape, you should have a thorough understanding of cloud computing and the benefits it brings to your organization. In the simplest terms, cloud computing is leveraging hardware and software delivered securely over the internet, rather than physical tools located on-site in your office or building.

Do SaaS Providers Need FedRAMP Certification?

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) supports the U.S. government’s cloud-smart policy by establishing consistent security standards across agencies and their contractors (such as cloud service providers).

What Makes a Business NIST Compliant?

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) advises on technology standards and sensitive data protection. NIST helps keep information safe while establishing uniformity in the way cybersecurity is addressed across public and private sectors, protecting networks from malware, ransomware, cyberattacks and internal or external threats.

What to Look for in a DRaaS Provider

Will you be prepared when disaster strikes? In today’s rapidly evolving IT infrastructure and cloud landscape, where massive amounts of data are collected, transmitted, and stored, threats can emerge quickly and leave lasting (and costly) damage to your operations and reputation.

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