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What Components Should My Cloud Service Level Agreement (SLA) Include?

When you’ve chosen a cloud service provider that fits your mission and objectives, the next step is to mitigate potential risks by negotiating a cloud service level agreement, or SLA, that allows your business to thrive. The extra due diligence is worth it. Before beginning a project, it makes sense to know what you’ll be doing, what expectations have been set for each party, and what the mission objectives are. That’s the value of a clearly defined SLA.

Don't Fool with Fate: Protect Mission Critical Systems with Disaster Recovery Services

The nightmare scenario is familiar to every chief technology officer or C-suite executive: total system failure. It’s a chilling thought. In an instant, an organization’s core business functions and systems collapse. Frequently, the root cause or event isn’t immediately apparent, leaving IT teams scrambling for answers as they fend off a barrage of questions from all angles. Don’t fool with fate: protect your mission critical systems with intelligently planned and routinely tested disaster recovery services.

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