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What is NIST Special Publication 800-171?

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is a federal laboratory within the U.S. Department of Commerce that works to refine and more precisely define measurements, metrics, technologies, and standards. From two hubs in Gaithersburg, MD, and Boulder, CO, NIST employs over 3,400 scientists, engineers, and technicians to work alongside thousands of associates from industry and academia to research, test, and recommend improvements to measurements and technologies.

The Critical Elements of Your IT Disaster Recovery Plan

The threat could be external or internal, a malicious hacker or a busted water pipe. Your core business functions could make you a prime target for sabotage, or your office could sit squarely on a fault line. All organizations face threats. What separates the prepared from the unprepared? An IT disaster recovery plan.

What You Need to Know About Cloud Security

These days, business is done in the cloud. But the more that we operate, launch applications, access information, and collaborate in the cloud, the more that we potentially expose ourselves and our companies to risk. Cloud security is the answer to these threats, but a lot is not known (or is widely misunderstood) about cloud security. From data privacy to reputational damage, we’ve compiled a few of the things everyone needs to know about cloud security.

8 Reasons Customers Prefer Fully Managed GovDataHosting Cloud over Self-Service Cloud Providers Like AWS and Azure

GovDataHosting empowers federal agencies and their supporting government contractors with single-source, integrated cloud infrastructure and services. We combine government-focused cloud hosting solutions, advanced cyber security services, and leading information management technologies to accelerate your transition to the cloud.

What makes GovDataHosting the preferred choice over other self-service cloud providers, like AWS and Azure? Explore our fully managed cloud infographic to learn more!

12 Benefits of Cloud Computing

If you’re competing in today’s business landscape, you should have a thorough understanding of cloud computing and the benefits it brings to your organization. In the simplest terms, cloud computing is leveraging hardware and software delivered securely over the internet, rather than physical tools located on-site in your office or building. Business leaders are utilizing the cloud to more efficiently operate, better serve customers, and boost their bottom lines. What are the competitive advantages and benefits of using cloud computing?

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