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Deciding Where to Host: On-Premise vs. In the Cloud

In recent years, the decision between hosting applications on-premise or in the cloud has become a crucial one for agencies to deliver on their missions. Both approaches have unique advantages and disadvantages, which must be carefully weighed to make the right decision for your organization. Which is best for you?

7 Reasons Why You Should Choose FISMA Government Private Cloud Hosting

Building on a decade of FISMA-compliant virtual hosting solutions, GovDataHosting’s FISMA Private Cloud system is dedicated to supporting government defense and civilian agency information systems requiring FedRAMP Low, Moderate, or High risk levels of protection. It’s a smart choice for any system that demands impeccable performance and availability.

What’s the Difference Between Public, Private, Hybrid, and Community Clouds?

The transition to cloud computing continues to be a strategic priority for the U.S. government. Increased collaboration, greater efficiencies, scalable data storage – all are tangible benefits of the shift to the cloud. But not all cloud solutions are created equal. Cloud computing encompasses a range of types and architecture models.

What to Look for in a DRaaS Provider

Will you be prepared when disaster strikes? In today’s rapidly evolving IT infrastructure and cloud landscape, where massive amounts of data are collected, transmitted, and stored, threats can emerge quickly and leave lasting (and costly) damage to your operations and reputation.

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