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For government agencies, efficiency is king. With the growing need to synchronize data across systems, modernize legacy platforms, and deliver at scale, agencies are rushing to find comprehensive cloud solutions that meet their mission objectives. But this patchwork of services can inhibit collaboration and drag on operational budgets. That’s why the government is seeing real value in bundled cloud solutions and support. GovDataHosting delivers.

What does it mean to bundle cloud solutions?

If you can bundle home, auto, boat, RV, and travel insurance into one lower cost from a single provider, why not cloud services? GovDataHosting brings together single-source, integrated, and secure government cloud services, including government-certified cloud hosting, security compliance, continuous monitoring, technical support, disaster recovery, and cloud migration.

Even better? Bundling enables 10%-40% cost savings over other government clouds, shortens deployment and ATO schedules, allows for faster support and higher uptime SLAs, and reduces implementation risk. If you instead choose to manage across multiple providers and disparate systems, you could be opening the organization up to additional overhead and unnecessary complexity.

How do government cloud solution bundles work?

It all starts with defining your mission objectives and inventorying your existing systems. This will enable you to customize a bundle based on the size and type of hosting package, configuration, hardware, operating system licensing and patching, and number of managed services you need.

At GovDataHosting, our cost-effective, fixed-price subscription model is attainable via several diverse contract vehicles and is designed with government projects in mind. Typically, a one-time setup fee will initiate the process. Then, your agency will be invoiced in monthly increments for the fully-managed cloud support bundle purchased, free of any hidden fees or charges. Federal, state, and local government customers know exactly how much their invoice will be on a month-to-month basis. This convenience and value ultimately frees up crucial resources and funds.

It’s time your agency ditched the cumbersome IT procurement process and myriad support tickets. Achieve greater proficiency and productivity with a cloud support bundle from GovDataHosting. Interested in finding out how much it can save your organization? Simply generate your own instant price estimate or get in touch to speak with a government cloud hosting specialist today.

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