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Now more than ever, Federal, state, and local government agencies are migrating to a cloud environment to host the critical business processes that support their mission objectives. The same can be said of commercial enterprises and private organizations, but the needs of the government are unique. To address the requirements (and especially the regulations) of these government programs, where both security and data availability are of paramount concern, specialized cloud hosting providers have created dedicated resources for government use known as a government community cloud.

A government community cloud is a comprehensive suite of advanced cloud hosting, cyber security, and information management technologies exclusively arranged for government agencies and their supporting contractors. Only the U.S. government and approved suppliers may access the virtualization products and cloud computing solutions of the government community cloud.

Why is it beneficial to have a separate government community cloud?

It makes sense to physically separate commercial cloud customers from government cloud customers (and even within the government community cloud, to further distinguish between routine systems and those in high-impact sectors, like financial, healthcare, and defense). Non-government entities pose a risk to the transmission and storage of our nation’s most sensitive data.

Also, having a clear route to dedicated, government-certified resources makes cloud accessibility, infrastructure sharing, and cost efficiencies easier for agencies – all while satisfying the strict government compliance requirements set forth by NIST, FISMA, and FedRAMP protocols. The benefits of an independent government community cloud are clear:

  • Dedicated resources in a strictly controlled and monitored environment
  • Advanced security for sensitive applications and data
  • Ensured compliance with security regulations
  • Resource sharing and value savings

Accelerate to the cloud with GovDataHosting

GovDataHosting provides simple, swift, and government-certified cloud hosting bundles to Federal, state, and local agencies. As a division of IT-CNP, Inc., we leverage decades of expertise and nationwide service to deliver cloud solutions that meet the specific needs of the U.S. government. We empower agencies with faster deployments and reduced implementation risk, higher uptimes at lower costs, and full-service, white glove support. That around-the-clock convenience and dedicated expertise translates into real value savings for your government programs. What can we do for you? Speak with a government community cloud engineer.

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