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Government agencies today are increasingly reliant on the applications that facilitate their core business processes. Supporting these applications, whether the request is large or small, has become mission-critical to the seamless flow of information and the smooth functioning of Government projects and programs.

To keep up with rapidly advancing technologies, while also leveraging round-the-clock cloud management and security compliance, more and more agency IT leaders are incorporating fully-managed application support into their modus operandi.

Fully-Managed Application Support Frees Up Your Team

Government agencies have limited time and resources to achieve their objectives. Many may find they need robust application support, but lack the staff to allocate to the project. Others can’t justify bringing someone on full-time, leaving application support to be delegated to a team already mired in other projects. Still other project leads focus the team on new projects and new app development, rather than the support of existing applications. If you’re unable to employ a team of developers on an ongoing basis, alleviate these problems with fully-managed application support from GovDataHosting. You’ll free up your team to focus on the projects that are driving the mission ahead. We’ll handle the rest.

Our Approach to Fully-Managed Application Support

Our customers recognize the importance of integrating hosting and support under one roof. We deliver. We curate fully bespoke solutions that meet the needs of our clients’ varying systems and applications. To keep them up-and-running always, we provide comprehensive application deployment and management, 24x7x365 monitoring and remediation, end-to-end visibility, and full-spectrum security compliance. Combined with our unparalleled service, GovDataHosting’s fully-managed application support enables complete confidence in the availability and performance of critical systems and infrastructure.

The Value of a Single-Source Supplier

Efficiency is a good thing. GovDataHosting provides simple, swift, and government-certified cloud hosting and application support bundles to carry our customers through the entire project lifecycle. Many managed IT service providers support only the underlying operating systems of their clients’ virtual servers, but not GovDataHosting. We go further by providing additional optional managed services for our customers’ database, middleware, and consumer off-the-shelf software, while supporting hundreds of specialized commercial and custom designed applications – from Microsoft and Oracle, to Red Hat, Apache, and Drupal CMS. Explore the software support solutions at GovDataHosting.

By combining fully-managed application support with the industry’s only 100% infrastructure availability Service Level Agreement, we make it easy, agile, secure, and all in one place.

It’s About Peace of Mind

The greatest advantage of fully-managed application support is the peace of mind that comes with knowing that we’re here every hour of every day – whether you need to build, install, configure, secure, optimize, or support your critical applications. GovDataHosting's comprehensive application management and support offerings help our customers achieve objectives without delays. Request your quote today and discover how our services can streamline your mission requirements.

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