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COLUMBIA, MD, August 8, 2019 – IT-CNP, Inc. cloud division, GovDataHosting, is excited to announce the release of a FISMA Cloud Bundle Price Estimate Calculator. This exclusive new tool allows public sector customers to quickly evaluate whether they are overpaying for cloud usage along with associated managed security and technical services.

The calculator allows users to enter a few basic system requirements and produces a price estimate utilizing proprietary algorithms. The price estimate includes GovDataHosting’s signature bundled offering: FedRAMP High certified cloud resources, security as a service, application support, and disaster recovery. Any agency official can now review an itemized listing of services involved and associated pricing for further analysis.

The purpose of the new GovDataHosting calculator is to introduce cost transparency in a market where public pricing information is rarely available. Since many of these services are typically provided by different contractors, government stakeholders are often unable to truly calculate what services they are paying for and determine a reasonable market price.

 “Once again we are introducing innovation in a government cloud technology marketplace by placing analytical cost transparency information into government agency hands,” said Sal Baldwin, President of IT-CNP, Inc. “Now government stakeholders at all levels can easily figure out if they are overpaying for their current level of security, cloud, and associated services, while also determining how to obtain further cost savings.”   

After utilizing the calculator to obtain a price estimate, a more precise quote can easily be generated by GovDataHosting to begin the process towards storing their data on a modernized, self-defending cloud platform.

About IT-CNP, Inc. and GovDataHosting

GovDataHosting is a FISMA-compliant, FedRAMP High certified cloud hosting division of IT-CNP, Inc. – an IT/Security Compliance managed services provider that exclusively serves government agencies.

Headquartered in Columbia, Maryland and staffed entirely by U.S. citizens, a majority of whom hold advanced government clearances – the provider offers fully managed services as well as its own FedRAMP-certified cloud infrastructure and support, while offering lower prices, higher quality, faster response times, and dedication to customer service.



Dana Taylor

Director of Cloud and Compliance Solutions

GovDataHosting Cloud Services, IT-CNP, Inc.

Office: 410-884-1004


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