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At GovDataHosting, the phrase “fully-managed cloud hosting services” means everything is handled for our government clients.

Cybersecurity, compliance, disaster recovery, installs, patching, and more can all be wrapped into one optimized package with a nice, big bow on top.

It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Consider the following benefits:

  • Accessibility:   Thanks to optimum storage, bandwidth, and system speeds, fully managed processes are available to the client 100% of the time, with no lag. Agencies can access these services – and their infrastructure – from anywhere in the world.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Because there is zero need for an agency to procure or maintain equipment, managed cloud hosting services all but eliminate the expense of on-site IT techs. Additionally, the ability to pay only for those services you consume significantly limits waste and risk.
  • Customization: With Infrastructure as a Service cloud computing, each component is offered as a separate service that can be tailored to a client’s unique specifications.
  • Compliance: Fully managed government cloud solutions include all required security-compliant documentation.
  • Reliability: Because the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) has control over a continuously monitored network, it can address issues head-on, while mitigating threats, as they arise.
  • Scalability: Performance can be upgraded or downgraded at a moment’s notice based on the fluctuating demands of agency applications.

GovDataHosting’s fully-managed cloud hosting services put us on the map. We regularly assist customers with any and all support for our myriad services. Our engineering and security compliance teams provide technical system implementation, security compliance setup, assessment and authorization (A&A) documentation, database administration, continuous monitoring, and much more, based on the level of managed services an agency requests.

Put simply, GovDataHosting offers clients as much control as you want, while standing by with any guidance you may need.

Give your agency the gift of security this season. Request a free online quote today!

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