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The Advanced Technology Academic Research Center (ATARC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit offering a collective for the public sector, including defense and civilian government agencies along with academia and industry to detect, confer and overhaul developing challenges in technology innovations; new ideas come direct from academic research labs to aid both the federal government and private industry. ATARC is aligned with the MITRE Corporation, MIT Lincoln Labs and Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute.

ATARC hosted the Federal Cloud & Infrastructure Summit earlier this week, a well-regarded event for IT professionals within the government to hear novel ideas in the industry and meet with vendors to promote business development in the quest for greater mission efficiency. The ‘Visionary Keynote Briefing on Cloud Smart’ was given by Federal Deputy Chief Information Officer of the Office of Management and Budget, Margie Graves. Cloud Smart was officially released this week and focuses on accelerating adoption with an emphasis on security, procurement, and bringing in fresh, new talent. She encouraged agencies to “adopt what is available in the marketplace” over generating new solutions and spoke of FedRAMP and ATOs heading towards Continuous Authorization. Additionally, flexible architecture will be key in effectively operating multi- or poly-cloud environments.

Margie Graves speaking at ATARC Cloud Summit

Margie Graves speaking at the Summit about Cloud Smart

More ‘Visionary Keynote Briefings’ followed with Pam Isom, Deputy Chief Information Officer of the Department of Energy, speaking on ‘Cloud and Data Lessons Learned’ and after that, ‘Cloud Services Procurement’ by Nancy Gillis, Chief Executive Officer at Green Electronics Council. The ‘Fireside Chat: State of FedRAMP’ was given by Ashley Mahan, Secure Cloud Portfolio and FedRAMP Director (Acting) of General Services Administration. Afternoon Breakout Sessions included ‘Cloud Smart and the Impact on Government Cloud Adoption,’ ‘Challenges to Cloud enabling Security,’ ‘Cloud-enabled Rapid Development and DevSecOps,’ ‘Serverless Computing and the Impact on Cloud,’ and ‘Zero Trust and The Cloud.’

GovDataHosting is gratified having the opportunity to sponsor this ATARC event, designed to educate IT professionals in the public sector of changes in the industry; choosing a cloud service provider offering the appropriate controls and processes is just common sense. GovDataHosting's services have been the subject of comprehensive audits, earning the rare distinction of FedRAMP High Impact Certification. As the only vendor in the industry offering clients a fully managed cloud support bundle, agencies can leverage cost savings while still increasing system agility and lowering risk levels. Reach out today to request a consultation or quote.

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