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As the Federal government races toward cloud adoption and the acquisition of new technologies to facilitate digital agility, a plain truth has been laid bare: with the reliance on ever more software, systems, and data to advance the mission comes a greater need for efficient and reliable application support. The most advanced technologies in the world won’t be of use if they don’t work for the end user. That’s why GovDataHosting offers comprehensive application and database support services for government agencies.

No matter how tech-savvy an end-user may be, at some point, troubleshooting will need to occur. Whether administering a database, middleware, or consumer off-the-shelf software, the lifecycle from adoption to installation to ongoing maintenance and migration can present many occasions that necessitate support.

How do you embrace new technologies and keep convenient access to information and services? The answer is through a rigorous and experienced application support partner. There are many functional areas where GovDataHosting offers outstanding support options. Here, we’ll review a few of those software support solutions.

Software Support Solutions for Government

Government agencies often have the need for application support, but not enough to warrant hiring a full-time staff member or to reallocate someone working on another project. That’s where GovDataHosting brings real value, whether the request is for 4 hours, 40 hours, or more. Our support services for Microsoft, Red Hat, Oracle, Drupal, and other applications include:

  • Operating System Administration Service
  • Database Administration Service
  • Patch Management Service
  • Service/Application Monitoring 
  • SSL Certificate Management Service 
  • Drupal Core Administration Service and Content Management System (CMS) Support
  • Microsoft Exchange Administration Service 
  • Microsoft SharePoint Administration Service
  • Application Migration
  • Custom Application Support

Government agencies can learn more about GovDataHosting’s application support by exploring our comprehensive software support solutions or reviewing our service catalog. Other managed IT service providers may support only the underlying operating systems of their clients’ virtual servers, but GovDataHosting goes above and beyond. We can provide additional optional managed services for our customers’ database, middleware, and consumer off-the-shelf software. With vast experience and expertise, we offer support for hundreds of specialized commercial and custom-designed applications.

The Value of Government Application Support

How does comprehensive application support advance the mission? Productivity increases when systems, old and new, operate more efficiently. Collaboration grows when data flows more fluidly and is available across platforms, devices, and locations. Costs and headaches are reduced when software and systems perform as expected, every time. A robust application support partner enables and improves overall service delivery.

GovDataHosting government application support services are structured to meet the unique and evolving needs of the Federal government and its supporting contractors. We turn complexity into simplicity – ensuring that your software, applications, and systems are understandable, adoptable, and manageable across the organization. Get in touch to discuss your specific application support requirements.

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