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Administered by the GSA, the government-wide FedRAMP program provides a standardized approach to cloud service adoption and management. Agencies and their supporting contractors are required to adhere to FedRAMP security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring benchmarks. If your organization is developing a SaaS solution for government, you will be responsible for achieving this level of federal compliance.

While some organizations attempt the FedRAMP certification process alone, the task can be daunting. That’s why GovDataHosting has developed a cost-effective, expedient, and low risk way to deploy cloud-based SaaS solutions for government agencies. The GovDataHosting SaaS Connect Program leverages our FedRAMP JAB certified cloud platform. This enables software vendors and partners to install their applications for use by any government agency in a secure and FISMA-compliant cloud designed exclusively for storing sensitive government data.

Becoming FedRAMP certified is a complex endeavor, but GovDataHosting accelerates your application implementation by managing the process for you. Our team of FedRAMP and government cloud hosting specialists lead you through each of the steps: planning, implementation, documentation, assessment, authorization, and ongoing monitoring.

  1. Plan
    We work with you to select the appropriate cloud SaaS architecture implementation option for your application. Our decision is informed by decades of prior successful implementations.
  2. Implement
    We then deploy the SaaS application to our FedRAMP JAB certified cloud platform, taking care to set the right amount of information security controls.
  3. Document
    Each applicable security control is documented and submitted to FedRAMP for review – from data flow diagrams to the isolation of users and multi-factor authentication.
  4. Assess
    A FedRAMP certified Third Party Assessment Organization (3PAO) team is hired to audit the implementation and prepare an assessment report. We collect and communicate all applicable IaaS and SaaS artifacts to expedite this step.
  5. Authorize
    Our team addresses any questions and participates in regular briefings so that you obtain a SaaS Provisional Authorization To Operate from FedRAMP JAB or an Agency FedRAMP ATO.
  6. Monitor
    The process doesn’t stop when you hit the marketplace. We perform all necessary continuous monitoring activities to maintain your SaaS authorization.

We’ve broken down the FedRAMP certification process into six easy-to-digest steps, but remember: don’t underestimate the challenge of achieving your ATO. It’s an extensive process with rigorous phases and documentation.

In the end, becoming FedRAMP certified is well worth the effort. Certification boosts your opportunities with the federal government and an increasing amount of state and local governments, too. Even the private and commercial sector is seeing the value in FedRAMP certification and prioritizing vendors who meet the strict requirements. If you’re ready to bring your SaaS solution to market, speak with GovDataHosting today to discuss your unique application requirements and to initiate the selection of an appropriate SaaS architecture.

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