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The nightmare scenario is familiar to every chief technology officer or C-suite executive: total system failure. It’s a chilling thought. In an instant, an organization’s core business functions and systems collapse. Frequently, the root cause or event isn’t immediately apparent, leaving IT teams scrambling for answers as they fend off a barrage of questions from all angles. Don’t fool with fate: protect your mission critical systems with intelligently planned and routinely tested disaster recovery services.

Why disaster recovery is important

Today’s enterprise-level organizations (and even more and more small businesses) are unquestionably reliant on high data availability. Employees build their days around it. Customers build their trust on it. Tolerance for downtime or disruption of any kind has decreased across the board. Especially in the healthcare, financial services, or government sectors, data loss is unthinkable.

Disaster recovery is an area of security planning that aims to mitigate these risks – allowing an organization to quickly rebound from a cyberattack, equipment failure, or natural disaster. Successful disaster recovery plans shield an organization from significant negative events before the impact is felt, but in the event of system failure, the most immediate concern is the restoration of mission critical functions. Get back up and running, as quickly as possible. Repeat that over and over in your head as you furiously counter a cyber-attack and you have some idea what your IT team goes through if a strategically-designed disaster recovery plan is not established and rehearsed.

GovDataHosting can help protect mission critical systems

Uptime is often the furthest thing from an executive’s mind – until downtime strikes. That’s why GovDataHosting works with you to keep systems online and operational, even during the dreaded worst-case scenario. Our highly specialized and cost-effective disaster recovery managed services include:

  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Disaster recovery documentation
  • Disaster recovery test planning
  • Disaster recovery testing

Government agencies rely on our scalable solutions to bring back business-as-usual. We integrate the industry’s best practices – tested over decades of experience – and the most robust engineering support to satisfy Risk Management Framework (RMF) for DoD, NIST, FISMA, and FedRAMP High Baseline requirements. Our standard disaster recovery services include cold, warm, and hot standby configurations, whether the need is for value-driven options with more lenient RPO and RTO targets, or a completely customized solution with fault tolerant, zero downtime, continuous data replication across an encrypted, private network.

Whatever your agency’s needs or threat level, GovDataHosting is here to protect your mission critical systems. With our disaster recovery managed services, we help you stay vigilant, stay prepared, and stay secure – because business continuity is your most valuable asset. Contact us today to speak with a recovery engineer and discuss how we can accommodate your most demanding system requirements.

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