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It seems like every day delivers a brave - and scary - new world, particularly given the increasing interconnectivity we all share.

Cyberattacks and data breaches are more prevalent than ever, and the lengths criminals will go to retrieve sensitive materials often seem boundless.

Are your cloud system's implemented security controls still effective in the face of new threats?

Consider this: Data breaches are not always the handiwork of a malicious attacker. In fact, loss can fall under the following categories:

  • External, such as hackers and malware.
  • Internal, such as inept vendors who are directly or indirectly - deliberately or accidentally - responsible for the loss of data.
  • Third party, such as inept vendors who have access to your agency's sensitive data dropping the ball.

FedRAMP updated its continuous monitoring guidelines earlier this year. To maintain certification, Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) are required to continuously monitor their systems on a routine basis. This allows them to detect any changes in the security posture, ensuring an ongoing assessment of all controls.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) breaks out the continuous monitoring process into the following steps:

  • Develop a monitoring strategy
  • Establish measures and metrics
  • Establish monitoring & assessment frequencies
  • Implement the program and collect data
  • Analyze data and report findings
  • Respond to findings and mitigate technical, management, and operational vulnerabilities
  • Review and update strategies and programs

GovDataHosting's Network Operations Center (NOC) maintains an advanced monitoring system for every network device and customer virtual server hosting in our cloud.

Customer servers are continuously checked via state-of-the-art system monitoring software. We typically monitor uptime as well as individual features, processor utilization, memory utilization and services running on each server, and support staff is immediately notified via alarms, email, screen pop-ups, and paging if and when a problem occurs. Proper response protocol is subsequently and immediately executed to remedy any potential alarm.

Our security monitoring systems continuously analyze event log information and system activities to alert security management personnel of any unusual activity that requires immediate attention.

Your agency’s mission critical systems demand the utmost protection. Don’t settle for providers who promise you the world. The smallest mistake can lead to a grievous loss of sensitive data.

Reach out to GovDataHosting today to request a quote or consultation.

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