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Until recently, most government agencies operated datacenters on-site, incurring all of the expenses associated with firewalls, servers, supplies, and related infrastructure.

But more and more, federal, state, and local government agencies are embracing FedRAMP certified cloud IaaS services as a means to curb mounting costs and streamline procedures.

The introduction of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud eliminates the need for on-premesis datacenters. The model provides government consumers with processing, storage, networks, and all necessary backup resources, while giving them control over their operating systems, libraries, and the deployment of software, operating systems, and applications.

This access to virtual computers in a remote and secure datacenter frees up resources, reduces overhead, and expedites time to market, and ensures that government agencies are unencumbered with datacenter infrastructure management, and free to focus on mission critical objectives.

Those CSPs meeting rigorous security compliance requirements can receive authorization from a FedRAMP Joint Authorization Board (JAB), and obtain a Provisional Authorization to Operate (P-ATO). When this is achieved, the resulting FedRAMP certified cloud IaaS can be leveraged by any government agency or a government contractor seeking to certify their software for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud model. This lauded "do once, use many times" framework significantly cuts down on myriad compliance and audit expenses, and puts system implementation on the fast track.

GovDataHosting, for example, remains one of a select few systems that have been awarded a Provisional Authority to Operate from the FedRAMP Joint Authorization Board to provide cloud services for all federal agencies.

Our IaaS model offers everything required to maintain compliance:

  • Fully-managed support of the entire cloud hosting environment for any platform
  • State-of-the-art compliance tools
  • Supported high performance technologies that meet strict government service requirements
  • Managed integration and advanced security assessments
  • Affordability and versatility
  • Availability as FISMA private cloud or FISMA multi-tenant cloud

GovDataHosting's authorization was issued by a FedRAMP Joint Authorization Board (JAB) comprising DoD CIO, DHS CIO, and GSA CIO. Our cloud services are regularly accessed by FedRAMP independent assessors and government agencies in support of their missions.

We remain the only certified cloud platform offering a 100% infrastructure availability Service Level Agreement (SLA), which ensures absolute simplicity and guaranteed results for our clients.

Interested in an accelerated ATO path? Why wait? Request your free solution assessment and quote today!


Request your free solution assessment and quote today.

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