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Government agencies are confronting two realities on separate but interconnected fronts: the need to enhance efficiency, scalability, and cost-effectiveness with cloud-driven technologies, and the demand for robust protection measures to counter a rise in cybersecurity threats. To meet both challenges, organizations are bundling cloud and security services with a single provider. Here’s why:

Streamlined Integration & Management

By choosing a single provider for both cloud and security services, agencies can enjoy streamlined integration and management of their IT infrastructure. Combining these services eliminates compatibility issues and reduces complexity, as the cloud service provider (CSP) can align the cloud and security components seamlessly. This integration results in a more efficient and cohesive system that is easier to maintain.

Managing multiple vendors can be challenging, requiring additional resources and time. Bundling cloud and security services with one provider simplifies vendor management, as organizations have a single point of contact for all their needs. This consolidated approach reduces administrative overhead, enables better coordination, and allows government agencies to focus on their mission rather than juggling multiple service providers.

Enhanced Security

Bundling also offers enhanced security measures. A CSP can implement comprehensive security solutions that are specifically tailored to the cloud environment they offer. This includes robust access controls, data encryption, network monitoring, and threat detection systems. By tasking a single provider with both cloud infrastructure and security, organizations can benefit from a holistic approach to protecting their data and systems.

With a bundled cloud and security services package, organizations further benefit from proactive threat management. The CSP can continuously monitor the cloud environment, identify potential vulnerabilities, and proactively address emerging threats. This level of vigilance and responsiveness minimizes the risk of security breaches and enables agencies to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats.

Cost Savings & Seamless Scalability

One of the most tangible benefits to bringing cloud and security services under one roof is the significant cost savings. Typically, providers offer discounted rates when services are bundled together. Additionally, organizations can reduce expenses associated with managing separate contracts, negotiating terms, and procuring different solutions. The economies of scale achieved through a bundled offering can translate into cost efficiencies for organizations of all sizes.

Speaking of scale, cloud services offer unmatched scalability, allowing agencies to adapt to evolving mission needs. Bundling cloud and security services with one provider ensures seamless scalability across both aspects. As the organization's cloud requirements grow, the provider can simultaneously scale up security measures to accommodate the expanded cloud infrastructure. This integrated approach eliminates the complexities and potential gaps that may arise when scaling separately with different providers.

Enhanced Collaboration & Support

Choosing a single CSP for cloud and security services fosters enhanced collaboration and support, too. The provider's teams can work closely together, ensuring seamless coordination between cloud and security aspects. In case of any issues or incidents, organizations have a unified support channel, simplifying troubleshooting and problem resolution. This integrated support structure ensures a faster response time and reduces the potential for miscommunication or delays.

The benefits are clear, so why isn’t your agency bundling cloud and security services with one provider? GovDataHosting can help. We empower federal agencies and government contractors with single-source, integrated cloud infrastructure and cloud hosting services, including fully-managed security and compliance services. Speak to a cloud hosting and security expert today!

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