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Government cloud support bundles, typically purchased as part of a subscription model through a Cloud Service Provider (CSP), offer government agencies maximum support and savings for their mission-critical cloud needs.

Through this pricing model, different products and services are assembled at a fixed monthly cost, which gives clients the unique benefit of knowing precisely how much their invoice will be from month to month. This convenience and value ultimately frees up crucial resources and funds.

Agencies interested in purchasing cloud support bundles should seek options that include the following components:

  1. Government Certified Cloud (IaaS): High performance, mission-critical cloud infrastructure is essential for the most demanding government requirements.
  2. Security Compliance Service: Quality CSPs will be able to provide a streamlined hardening and compliance documentation path through an often complicated and confusing Assessment and Authoriztion (A&A) process.
  3. Continuous Monitoring Service: Documented protections should be implemented in accordance with all government requirements to detect any changes in security posture.
  4. Technical Support: Operating systems and all related components should be managed and patched utilizing the latest vendor releases and updates.
  5. Disaster Recovery Service: Exemplary engineering support is integral to make sure client data and applications are available and operational even in worst case scenarios.
  6. Cloud Migration Service: Best practices and lessons learned from previous projects can ensure success when moving applications from an on-premises server to the cloud or from one cloud environment to another.

GovDataHosting's unique government cloud support bundles include high availability cloud infrastructure combined with full service cloud, compliance, and disaster recovery management allowing customers to focus solely on their system operations and agency mission.

Available through a variety of contract vehicles, our cost effective, fixed price model was designed with government projects in mind. Customers are initially charged a one-time setup fee to initiate service, while a fixed monthly fee keeps systems authorized, compliant, and operational on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis. There are never any hidden fees or charges - and no surprises.

Your predictable fixed monthly services fee includes all government cloud support bundle services, including computing resources, security compliance, operating system licensing and patching, connectivity, off-site backup, disaster recovery, managed services, monitoring, and support.

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