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In the government arena, efficiency is crucial.

The cloud has opened up a plethora of doors in this regard for Federal, state, and local government agencies over the last several years, and more and more entities are warming to the myriad benefits of adoption.

The availability of fully-managed cloud support bundles may be a primary reason for this trend. Bundled services offer fiscal relief, while allowing government agencies to focus solely on their system operations and agency mission by delivering three key benefits:

1. Maximum support for mission-critical systems: Bundled services can be tailored to an agency's specific requirements and needs, integrating critical components such as computing resources, security compliance, operating system licensing and patching, connectivity, off-site backup, disaster recovery, managed services, monitoring, migration support, and much more.

2. Increased savings: Products and services are assembled at a fixed monthly cost that mirrors a structure government agencies and officials are familiar and comfortable with. Federal, state, and local government customers duly understand exactly how much their invoice will be on a month-to-month basis, allowing them to make the most of their budgets.

3. Zero hassle: Fully-managed cloud support bundles completely eliminate the need for purchasing and integrating elements separately. Agencies are empowered to focus solely on their core mission, while their Cloud Service Provider manages the infrastructure, saving hours and IT resources.

At GovDataHosting, our cost-effective, fixed price model is attainable via a number of diverse contract vehicles and designed with government projects in mind.

A one-time setup fee to initiate the process is based on the size and type of hosting package, configuration, hardware, and number of managed services included.

These may include:

1. Government Certified Cloud (IaaS): Our high-performance, mission-critical cloud infrastructure can handle the most exacting government requirements.

2. Security Compliance Service: We provide a streamlined hardening and compliance documentation path through what can often be a complex Assessment and Authorization (A&A) process.

3. Continuous Monitoring Service: Any changes in security posture are met with documented protections in accordance with all government requirements.

4. Technical Support: Operating systems and all related components are managed and patched utilizing the latest vendor releases and updates.

5. Disaster Recovery Service:  We ensure our clients' data and applications are available and operational if and when disaster strikes.

6. Cloud Migration Service: Lessons learned from previous engagements, as well as best practices, allow GovDataHosting to successfully move applications from one environment to another, or from an on-site server to the cloud.

Clients are then invoiced in monthly increments for the fully-managed cloud support bundle purchased, free of any hidden fees or charges.

Achieve the proficiency and productivity a cloud support bundle can provide. Reach out to us today to request a free quote.



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