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Web Content Distribution Services For Federal, State and Local Government

Deliver Your Content Quickly, Intelligently and Securely

The ability to offer accurate and timely information and flexible citizen support services through the web to a diverse group of geographically distributed users is vital to achieving government goals and necessary functions. To accommodate high availability  of content distribution and security expectations of government customers, GovDataHosting.Com offers a unique platform of Web Content Distribution Services.

Streamlined FISMA Compliance For Hosted Information Systems

Faster Certification and Accreditation at a Reduced Cost

Federal, State and Local Government agencies alike are increasingly turning to web-based outsourced hosted solutions. Achieving an operational level of FISMA security compliance is time and resource intensive, even for hosted solutions. GovDataHosting.Com has a mature methodology to minimize the time and risk associated with information system Certification and Accreditation process.

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