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Cloud Solutions

Originating Ideas


Many new companies claim they are in the government cloud data hosting business, all while serving commercial - and even foreign – customers.

GovDataHosting’s 15 years of exclusive dedication to government hosting expertise speaks for itself.

Our FISMA compliant cloud hosting solutions are focused exclusively on the support of U.S. federal, state, and local government systems, and our fully managed Infrastructure as a Service model allows customers as much control as they want, while we stand by with any guidance they may need.

Additionally, our multi-tenant community and private cloud infrastructure platforms provide government defense and civilian agency systems with the NIST Risk and Management (RMF) low to moderate risk levels of protection they require, while also offering high-risk service for select agencies.

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Eliminating Risk


We understand that there is zero room for error when hosting and managing government mission-critical systems in the cloud. Our project management office, security compliance team members, and technical personnel are explicitly trained in the implementation of such systems, and reduce risk by leveraging optimized processes and lessons learned from previous deployments.

Establishing Trust


GovDataHosting lowers risk, while increasing customer support and quality assurance.

All GovDataHosting cloud datacenters – and related personnel – are located in the United States of America, and all customer data is maintained within American borders.

All employees undergo a criminal background check, while those working with sensitive data take part in a government-sponsored background investigation.

Maximizing Savings


Our FISMA compliant hosting adheres to the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST), and DoD RMF guidelines, expediting initial A&A implementation cycles, while delivering continuous monitoring support at a lower cost.

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