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Assessment & Authorization

Managed A&A Services

GovDataHosting has an impeccable track record for successfully assisting government agencies in obtaining complete accreditation for their systems. As a managed security service provider, we prepare full documentation for the initial Assessment and Authorization (A&A) package, including:

  • System Categorization
  • System Description
  • System Boundary Diagram
  • Network Diagram and Dataflow
  • Risk Assessment
  • Configuration Management Plan (CMP)
  • System Security Plan (SSP)
  • Security Testing & Evaluation (ST&E)
  • Incident Response Plan

Streamlining Processes

Clients attempting to achieve their A&A and Authorization to Operate are often faced with a confusing maze of security compliance minutiae. We handle all underlying technology and required compliance activities, preventing our customers from getting bogged down in time-draining compliance issues, and allowing them to remain focused on mission objectives.

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