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About Us

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Many newly formed companies are recently trying to offer government cloud hosting solutions in recent years.

We’re founding members.

GovDataHosting is a division of IT-CNP, Inc., a national leader in advanced government cloud hosting solutions, cyber security and information management services. We offer more than 15 years of government hosting industry experience, lessons learned and best practices. We are FISMA compliant and FedRAMP certified cloud providers -- and we only serve government agencies.

FISMA Compliant And FedRAMP Certified


Achieving FISMA compliance in a cloud can seem like an insurmountable labyrinth of requirements and confusing jargon, and can wreak havoc on your agency’s ability to budget. GovDataHosting simplifies the process, providing the answers you need and a price you can agree with.

Additionally, our firm enjoys the distinction of being one of few FedRAMP certified cloud providers nationwide, which significantly streamlines and expedites the assessment and authorization (A&A) process for our many government clients, and we offer the industry’s only 100% infrastructure availability Service Level Agreement, ensuring optimal satisfaction.

Originating Ideas


All GovDataHosting datacenters are located in the United States of America, staffed by U.S. citizens, and built to accommodate the government's most demanding technological expectations.


  • Multiple Redundant bandwidth providers
  • Precision environmental controls
  • Conditioned redundant power supplies
  • Communications Security
  • Management, Technical, and Operational controls

GovDataHosting offers FISMA Compliant Datacenters

When security is on the line, you need a team you can trust. Our security compliance personnel are ISACA certified, while our cloud project managers are PMI certified. Our thoroughly screened employees are located in the United States – with more than 80 percent having government clearances. GovDataHosting lowers risk while increasing customer support and quality assurance, and satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed.

  • 15 years of cumulative experience
  • More than 80% with government clearances
  • 100% U.S. citizens
  • PMI certified project managers
  • ISACA certified security compliance personnel

Support Team

As a FedRAMP certified cloud provider, the endorsement of those utilizing our services is absolutely critical.

"GovDataHosting was different. They promptly responded to our inquiries, provided competitive pricing, and guided us through the on-ramping of our federal client."


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